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Your local grocer since 1863

Your local grocer since 1863

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The Schuette family grocery business is the oldest continuous family owned grocery business in Illinois and one of the oldest in the United States.


During the civil war in 1863 my great great grandfather Peter Schuette started a trading post in St. Rose, Illinois. Because money was short, everyone had to trade and barter for everything they needed.The trading post was opened to help local people get whatever they needed. Seven years later Peter opened a general store where people could trade for anything...most of it locally supplied.


Now 150 years later, the Schuette family's fifth generation operates Schuette's Markets and serves the communities of St. Rose, Breese, Highland, Troy and Carlyle, Illinois...still continuing to support local producers and suppliers by offering the area's largest variety of value priced healthy local foods.


We look forward to having you join in the history!


Mike Schuette