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Your local grocer since 1863

Your local grocer since 1863

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For 150 years, Schuette Markets has been serving the Highland area, and they were recently recognized for the impressive achievement.


Schuette Markets executives were presented the Illinois Food Retailers Association’s Member Achievement Award honoring their 150th anniversary during a presentation on Oct. 9 in Chicago. The stores, which have locations in Highland, Breese, Carlyle, Troy and St. Rose, celebrated the sesquicentennial milestone with a series of parties in early October.

Schuette's Market honored by the Illinois Food Retailers Association for 150 years in the grocery business.

CENTRALIA - Kaskaskia College recentlly held their Foundation Teachers and Coaches Entrepreneurship Program (TCEP) to recognize their Entrepreneur of the Year. This year's recipient, Schuette's Market SuperValu, is no stranger to the area, with 150 years of experience of providing local communities with fresh, quality food.


Founded in 1863, the Schuettes have been providing a vital service since Peter Schuette came to the United States from Germany where he opened his first grocery store in St. Rose.


Schuette's Market receives Kaskaskia College's "Entrepreneur of the Year" in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Schuette Family grocery business